Buccaneer Zinfandel 2011


This wine reminds me of a puppy that notices you reaching for the leash and then just goes NUTS. It’s ready to go walkies all around your mouth.

Stick your nose in this little fella’s nether regions and you’ll be rewarded with ripe red berries. On the second sniff you begin to suspect it got into grandma’s jam and then sat in a plate of fresh ground pepper.

In the mouth it’s light to medium bodied and tends to scamper about with an almost effervescent exuberance. Jammy raspberry fruits play fetch with the heat from the (highish) alcohol. Moderate tannins give it a texture like the finest rawhide and provide plenty of chewy pleasures.

The finish is long and tenacious like a game of tug with a terrier (that’s the little dog, not terroir as far as terroir goes this is straight Napa sunshine). The classic Zin varietal black/white pepper spiciness is the alpha dog in this pack.

I liked this wine a lot, it’s pedigreed mutt with a dopey grin.

Suggested pairings:

BBQ Ribs
Pizza with BBQ sauce
Turkey (especially smoked)
Spinach/Cheese Pastry Puffs
Old chewed up slippers and belly rubs.