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MD 20/20 Electric Melon (Mogen David NV)

I love everything about this wine from it’s convenient screw top closure, to it’s rectangular bottle that nestles comfortably in a coat pocket and won’t roll away from you in a fit of pique the way the second or third conventional bottle might.

This wine deserves your full attention, start by observing the amazing color, the wine makers of Provence could never dream of matching it’s bright pinkness. This wine positively glows (especially under a black light). Then, take a moment to appreciate the opalescent clarity (give it a moment for the sediments to settle).

Next, take a deep breath and savor the glorious assault on your olfactory system. This wine brings a powerful current of melon scents. You can certainly tell why they named it “Electric Melon”. Hang in there past the initial melon blast and suck in an undercurrent of nuttiness, not unlike a Rhone Rose or a plastic jug left in the sun.

Normally I caution people against serving a wine too cold, many people take the suggestion “serve chilled” to mean ice cold that numbs the wine into near tastelessness. But, this wine seems to lose NOTHING in the chill, I did a direct comparison with this wine and even with my, dare I say, “experienced” palate I couldn’t perceive a bit of difference between refrigerator cold and out of the pocket room temp. A real testament to the wine maker’s skill and dedication I’d say!

The drinking experience redefines structure in a wine. Full bodied and distinctly off-dry this wine remains undiminished from start to finish. A singular experience with none of the pedestrian vinousness of most wines. The finish is reminiscent of a Hallows Eve treat (Laughy Taffy) and sure to evoke pleasurable memories. The pleasant heat from the alcohol(this is a fortified wine) roars down the throat like Promethean fire, illuminating the dark places inside.

Suggested parings:
Cocktail weenies
Escargot in garlic butter
Pickled eggs
Baked beans warmed over Sterno
Domestic violence