Evodia 2014 Garnacha


You’re never gonna find a better wine for under $10.00, this wine is an amazing value.

It comes on like an unassuming family car with a monster V8 hidden under the hood.  The deep plum purple color is your first hint that something unusual is happening inside this ordinary looking bottle of budget wine.

Crack the throttle and this hotrod ROARS to life, like a supercharged fruit bomb it lights up your palate with big juicy blueberry fruit.  Effervescent acidity and a little bit of white pepper show themselves as this beast hits it’s stride mid palate and storms toward the finish where gentle tannins  and mineral flavors pull the chute and coast into victory lane.

It’s aged demi-muid, which means it’s done in a larger wooden barrel, the greater wine to surface area ratio tones down the effects of the wood on the wine and allows slower maturation.  This results in a consistently yummy bottle of rotten grape juice.

Take this wine out for a drive and put some overpriced wines in their place.

Suggested pairings,

Blue Cheese
Game meats