Grgich Hills 03 Carneros Chardonay

Grgich 03

Grgich 03


Sometimes you drink a special bottle of wine on a special occasion.  Other times…yourwine storagecooling unit breaks and you’re too broke to fix it, so you decide to get drunk on your best bottles.

This is special wine, it was made to commemorate the “1977 Tasting of Paris” where a bunch of upstarts from California’s fledgling wine industry took on the big dogs from France and won. White Burgundy—White Smurgundy!!!

14 years aging give it a gorgeous honey yellow color like the eyes of angry cat.  At 14 this kitty’s still got some swish in it’s tail.  Grgich wines don’t undergo Malolactic fermentation, so it’s a crisper style, lacking (but not missing) the buttery mouth feel of some more pedestrian Chards.  

The first impression on the nose is citrus blossoms and pear, those aromas accompany the bright acid when it hits your tongue like a kitten batting a favorite toy.  The mid palate is dominated by honeyed fruits, toasted almonds and vanilla curl up on your lap while lemon zest purrs this baby to sleep.

This ain’t no shelter cat, this is pedigreed purebred built to please and worth every nickle.  Best white wine I’ve ever tasted.


Suggested pairings

Roast Chicken