Hallcrest Vinyards 2012 Clos de Jeannine

hallcrest sediment

This wine is a GSM (Granche/Syrah/Mourvèdre) with a California twist.  California sunshine in the form of Zin and Barbera make dank addition to the crusty old Côtes du Rhône Blend.

Inky black purple in color like Death Valley on a  new moon.  Plum and dark red fruit on the nose surf into a jammy explosion when this baby hits your tongue like an earthquake.  After that initial hit,  the sour cherry acid from the Barbera peaks like the middle of a Dead concert.

Savory olive and meaty flavor dominates the mid palate like a leather daddy at the Folsom Street Fair.

The comedown is creamy Watsonville strawberry with a lingering white pepper finish and a high (15.2%) alcohol tingle.

Decant before serving, fresh out the bottle this wine is more crowded than an LA freeway at rush hour, but let it open up and be rewarded with a 70mph trip straight to Yummyland.  It also throws sediments like shaking the sand out of your board shorts. (See Second Photo)

In conclusion, this wine is hella bitchen!

Suggested pairings.

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