Stephen Vincent Crimson 2012

Stephen Vincent Crimson

This is a wine for people who have to be convinced to drink wine. There’s no pretense here, this is fermented grape juice.

Right out of the bottle the nose is assertive, like a used car salesman on the last day of the month trying to make his quota. Ripe blackberry and vanilla…vanilla that’s trying to be subtle, yet failing.

This wine jumps straight into your mouth with alacrity. The big fruit on the nose shows strongly in the mouth. Along with the big fruit there’s big acid that cuts the fruit nicely. Really, without the acid the fruit on this beast would hug your tongue like an over friendly aunt wearing too much perfume.

Then there’s the vanilla, clearly this wine has done some time on oak. Hard time! The vanilla and toasted oak stand out on this wine like a teardrop tattoo on a felon.

The finish is surprisingly clean, with a hint of green pepper.

This is an egalitarian wine, it won’t judge you, it’ll just get you drunk and taste good doing it.

Suggested pairings:
Dark Chocolate,
Lamb(with mint),
Grilled Sausage,