Trapiche Broquel Malbec 2013



The black fruits on this wine stand out like a Gaucho on a golf course.  Stick your nose in the glass and you’ll see what I mean.  Proudly wearing his poncho and knocking the ball 300 yards without dropping his hand rolled cigarette.

This is a rustic wine, it has round corners like a madam in a frontier brothel.  If you like this wine you’ll call it “voluptuous” if you don’t you’ll call it flabby.  The tannins are softer than a basset hound puppy’s ears.

Give it a minute in your face hole and it starts to show some unexpected depth, smoky tobacco and leather dominate the mid palate with a green peppercorn finish. This wine will lasso your tongue with it’s rebenque and stick it’s hand up your achiripá (look those words up) to tickle yer sack with it’s calloused hands.

Suggested pairings:

Santa Maria Tri Tip

Grilled Mushrooms

Cattle Rustling